Other Services

Payroll Deduction

Use Payroll Deduction to have any amount of money automatically deducted from your paycheck and credited to another account.

  • Automatically deduct a loan payment from your paycheck each month
  • Have money automatically deposited from your paycheck into your savings account

Visit a branch or call us at (337) 482-6956 to find out if Payroll Deduction is available with your employer.

Reorder Checks

UL Federal Credit Union has partnered with Harland Clark to offer you a variety of check styles and design options. You can show your team spirit by adding the UL Lafayette logo on your check design. 

First Check Order: For your initial check order, visit a branch or call us at (337) 482-6956.

Reorder Checks: Need more checks? Reorder checks.

Money Orders

Sometimes merchants require a money order instead of a personal check so they are guaranteed to receive payment. Money orders at UL Federal Credit Union are available up to $1,000.00.

Visit a branch to purchase a money order.

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Notary Service

Complimentary Notary Service for members is available at the Main Branch, 805 Bertrand Drive on Wednesdays, by appointment only. Documents we may notarize include:

  • Motor vehicle titles
  • Bill of sale acts
  • Acts of donation
  • Affidavits
  • Documents relating to retirement
  • Documents relating to vehicle insurance loss claims
  • Some power of attorneys

Call us at 337-482-6956 to schedule your appointment or determine if your document can be notarized.