Telephone Banking

A single phone call to access your account information anytime.

How it Works

1. Dial (337) 482-CUCU or 1-800-351-4873.
2. Enter your account number and PIN.
3. Listen to the menus and select the prompts for the information you want to hear including:

Quick Check (overview of all accounts)

  • Account Balances & Amounts Available
  • Recent Transactions
  • Transfer Funds

Account Information

  • Balance & Amount Available
  • Recent Transactions
  • Tax/IRA Information

Financial Transactions

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Cross-account transactions
  • Withdraw funds by check

Member Services

  • Change PIN
  • Payment Calculator

Have questions? Refer to our Telephone Banking Agreement, visit a branch or call us at (337) 482-6956

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